Our Family Heritage

ASKRA The Valley of Muses - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The first olive mill in the area was built by our ancestor, Athanasios Lymperis, in 1890s.
Despite the wars and the poor economy of Greece, our family maintained the olive oil mill without any pause.
The next generation of Lymperis Family continued their task: to produce quality olive oil.
The family business continued to evolve from younger generation that has invested on equipment and technical know-how. That brings us to today: Fourth generation of Lymperis Family has decided to follow the path of our ancestors and get involved in this sector in a technologically enhanced manner, by having a state-of-the-art olive oil machinery.
Our top goal is to preserve all the physical elements of an olive and transform them into a fruity, rich in polyphenols and elements extra virgin olive oil. From an olive from our groves to a sealed, packaged bottle of olive oil, having all the quality certifications and ready to take over the world.