Vision and Values

Knowledge of olive oil and experience:

As aforementioned, our family is the fourth generation that works on olive oil. Olive oil is our passion. Apart from the olive mill, we have planted around 4000 new trees. We have deep knowledge of the olive oil, the olive tree and the machinery, it runs in our blood after more than a century working on it.


Even though there was the olive mill of the family, we decided to build our premises from the beginning, with news machinery and equipment. Our factory is made by Pieralisi and it is currently one of the leading olive mills in Greece that has the Pieralisi Protoreattore. This ensures high polyphenols, better organoleptic characteristics, preservation of the olfactory traits, better taste and upper quality. We aim high, in order to produce a pure, high quality, hygienic olive oil.


We ensure that our products are of high quality. ASKRA tastes olive oil every year with highly experienced testers and really choose the best to make ASKRA Olive Oil. In the selection process, two stages of analysis must be passed so that olive oil is extraordinary. Furthermore, our olive oil passes from all the chemical analyses in order to be characterized as suitable for bottling.


We live in a planet with limited resources and we continue to pollute the environment. With respect to mother Earth, we decided to install an olive mill that needs 25% less electricity in order to work. Also, the amount of water used is limited, cut by 50%. Finally, all the waste and the sewage water is completely filtered and biologically treated in order to be transformed into fresh water that is used for watering our new olive trees. Also, recycling is mandatory in our facilities. Finally, the rest of the waste from the olive is transformed into pellet. This is used as a means for heating and electricity in our plant. Nothing goes wasted.

Social responsibility and respect for the local community:

We believe in our people and we believe that by nurturing human relationships, success is guaranteed. That is the reason we have employed our personnel from the local community. Also, we fund the local football team and we work close with the community.

ASKRA Olive Oil in Greece is committed to pursue a growth path, always driven by the supply of high quality products and services to the consumer.