Lymperis Estate is a company that includes the whole spectre of the olive oil production.

Lymperis Estate operates as a fully integrated enterprise, encompassing every stage of the olive oil production process – from the cultivation of olive trees to the utilization of olive mills and packaging equipment, culminating in the final bottled product.

About our facilities:

Our facilities are around 1 hour from Athens, Greece. It is a 1300 square meters building that includes: an olive mill, a lab for chemical analysis, a completely automatic bottling equipment, stainless steel tanks for storing the olive oil in order to preserve it.

Olive Mill

A Pieralisi Protoreattore plant was installed in our building in 2021. It is state-of-the-art and it embodies all the research and innovation in olive oil production. The greater quality of the processed product is in fact due to the drastic reduction in the malaxing time and the automatic management of the malaxing parameters; capacity, time and temperature. Energy savings thanks to the reduction of processing times and less heat loss.
Our olive oil production plants guarantee outstanding performance levels - both in continuous cycle as well as batch processing - enhancing the quality of the oil on the one hand, which proves richer in polyphenols, and on the other allowing the full valuing of the by-products, which consequently become another source of income for the oil mill. Better organoleptic characteristics such as fruitiness. Protoreattore® minimizes the existence of oxidation. Also, it is guaranteed that the olive oil is by 30% higher in polyphenols. Studies of Pieralisi ensure that the expiration date of olive oil is increased as the oxidation process is controlled.

Bottling and packaging unit

Inside the building, there is a significant number of stainless steel tanks. They play a significant role in preserving the quality of the final product. The olive oil that is produced by our olive mill is instantly transferred via suitable for food pipes to stainless steel tanks. After the tanks are filled with nitrogen and sealed. This procedure ensures that the olive oil will not come in contact with oxygen.
Therefore, the oxidation procedure will be delayed and all the quality features of the olive oil will be preserved. We keep it at a stable temperature with absolutely no oxygen contact thus, insuring the best conservation conditions and securing the maintenance of all natural nutrients.
All the aromas, the polyphenols, the quality of olive oil remain intact. Then, when it is needed, the journey of our olive oil begins by getting bottled and packaged in order to travel the world. The completely automatic unit will ensure that our olive oil will be packed in bottles and tins without any human interaction.

Total quality management systems

Apart from the complete control of the procedure of olive oil production, we can guarantee the quality with a lot of ways. First of all, there is complete traceability of the olive oil produced because the mill processes the olive fruit via batches. After its production, our food technicians will ensure that the olive oil is of the highest quality possible.
Our lab is equipped with state of the art machinery, precision scales, electronic computerized oil analysis.
At this time, before the oil is bottled, we arrange for frequent organoleptic and chemical analyses to provide our customers assurance.