Dubai Taste Awards 2021

Askra The Valley of Muses has won its first international prize in Dubai Taste Awards 2021! It is a great honour to promote the megaritiki variety and the superiority of our product in terms of taste and quality. Thank you all for the support that you give us.

Food expo 2022: 12-14 March in Metropolitan Expo

Askra Olive Oil participated in the top leading exhibition in South East Europe, Food Expo. We are glad that we had the chance to present our product, to meet new people all over the world and highlight the superior quality of megaritiki variety. People were excited to taste and understand the fruitiness, the richness in flavor and the purity of our holy product. The main purpose to build a reputation, in order for everyone to get to know this product.

Athens fine food awards 2022

Askra the valley of Muses won its first awards in Affa awards that took place in February 2022. It is our great pleasure that our top quality product, that was produced in our state-of-the-art factory was awarded for first time. This distinction gives us the opportunity to highlight the megaritiki variety and its distinct taste and flavor that won the judges. It encourages us to continue our effort in general. Thank you so much for the support of the local community and our village.

Anuga. Cologne 09.-13.10.2021

Askra Olive Oil has participated in Anuga 2021, the leading exhibition for food worldwide in Cologne, Germany.
We are so pleased for this opportunity, after all these Covid-19 travel restrictions to meet in person and present our olive oil brand and our company in general. Askra Olive Oil is equal to top quality and we believe that the visitors in Anuga understood our cause. Our samples were in high demand and we are glad that our brand and our olive oil will travel across the world through our visitors.
We are glad for this opportunity. Business relations were cultivated, we are in conversations with a lot of people and we are optimistic about the future. Thank you!